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To report an incident, call the Transportation Management Center at: (401) 222-3005

To contact RIDOT's Customer Service Office phone: (401) 222-2450, or by email: Customer Service

Transportation Management Center (TMC)

TMC Operators
CSOs work at computer workstations. In front of their workstations, on the TMC Bridge, are 2 large wall screens they control for displaying CCVE images. From their computer workstations they send traveler information to the various ITS equipment located out on Rhode Islandís roadways to assist motorists on our roads.
The TMC is located in Providence, in the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (DOT) building. The center is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Here the Communication System Operators, or CSOs, use a variety of resources to inform the public about events affecting traffic on Rhode Islandís roadways. Whether an accident is causing congestion on the highway or roadwork has traffic diverted, the TMC coordinates with responding agencies and uses Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), to assist in managing the flow of traffic. Rhode Islandís Transportation Management Center is a hub of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and communication resources. Here, under the TMC Rhodeways program, technology is used to identify incidents on the highways, and provide incident information to motorists. Working with the Rhode Island State Police and other first responders, the TMCís Communication System Operators (CSO) are able to detect and assist in the handling of incidents. Faster incident clearance times means less congestion for everyone and a reduced likelihood that a secondary accident will occur. A Rhode Island State Trooper is present at the TMC during weekday commuter hours, working with the CSOs to make the roadways safer for you.

Equipment Located on Rhode Island Roads


Closed Circuit Video Equipment (CCVE)

There are almost 100 TMC controlled cameras located on primary and secondary roadways across Rhode Island. These cameras are used by the CSOs for accident detection, verification, and monitoring. By verifying an incident’s specific location, lane closures, etc. better information can then be provided to responding agencies and motorists.


Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)

When traveling on Rhode Island’s roadways, keep an eye out for one of our 17 overhead signs, or Dynamic Message Signs (DMS). These signs display important traffic condition information about the roads you are driving towards. In 2011, the TMC also began displaying Live Travel Times.


Variable Message Signs (VMS)

In addition to the overhead signs, there are more than 20 smaller VMS located across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. These signs are set off to the side of the road. All of these signs are controlled from the RITMC, and provide traveler information as appropriate.


Highway Advisory Radio
There are over 10 distinct locations that the TMC’s radio station, 1630 AM, can be heard (Lincoln, Pawtucket, Providence, Johnston, Warwick, North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Newport, Narragansett, Westerly, and Richmond). Each location has a listening radius of about 3 miles in which motorists can tune in for information on local roadwork and major construction in Rhode Island. Roadside motorist advisory signs are located on the side of the road as motorists travel into the broadcast zone.When the beacons are flashing on these signs, tune in to hear urgent messages about accidents, delays, or construction.

Other Resources

CARS 511
The CARS 511 system enables travelers to dial 511 in Rhode Island, or 1-888-401-4511 if out of state, from their cell phone or landline to get traveler information about Rhode Island roads. By listening and responding to an automated system, you can learn of events occurring on the route you request information for and plan your trip accordingly. Provide the system with a city and a route to learn if there is anything that may impact your commute.