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Police cars at night
Rhode Island Move-Over Law

Slow Down, Move Over! To protect emergency workers and tow truck drivers on our highways, Rhode Island enacted the Rhode Island General Law Title 31, Chapter 31-14, on July 2, 2008. This law, which is commonly known as the "Move Over" law, requires motorists to slow down, and, if possible, move over to a travel lane away from the activity when passing emergency vehicles that are parked on the side of the highway displaying their flashing lights, assisting other motorists or for other emergency situations. Under this law, emergency vehicles include police, fire, tow trucks, transporter trucks, and roadside assistance vehicles. Failure to slow down or move over may result in a fine of $85.00. The law can be found at http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/Statutes/TITLE31/31-14/31-14-3.HTM.