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To report an incident, call the Transportation Management Center at: (401) 222-3005

To contact RIDOT's Customer Service Office phone: (401) 222-2450, or by email: Customer Service

FAQs - 511 Phone Service Hints

In addition to visiting this Web site, you can also dial 511 (in state) or 1-888-401-4511 (when out of state) from your phone for Rhode Island travel information. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation suggests using these helpful hints for using the 511 phone service.

  • HOW ITíS ORGANIZED: 511 organizes information into seven main categories for your convenience. Simply say "go to menu" or press 0 any time during your call to hear these choices. Then, simply say the category you want or use the keypad option in parentheses. If you know the item you want, you may speak it at any time during this menu.
    • Highway traffic (1) reports major events by roadway.
    • Road weather (2) provides reports on adverse driving conditions.
    • Statewide summary (3) gives a summary of urgent reports statewide and also lets you hear routine reports on routes you choose.
    • Regional summary (4) lets you hear urgent and routine reports around a specific city that you select.
    • Transit (5) lets you hear information about public transportation choices.
    • Tourism (6) lets you hear regional tourism information.
    • Other States (8) lets you hear phone numbers to access information for nearby states.
    • Help (*) provides hints on using the system for the location you are.
  • VOICE OR KEYPAD ACTIVATED: You can speak or use your keypad to make requests while using this 511 system.
    • For example, you can request reports for Route 138 by saying, "Route 138" or by dialing 138# on your keypad.
    • Equally, you can request reports for Providence by saying "Providence", or by dialing the first three letters 776# (for PRO#)
    • Reports for I-195 and I-295 are listed separately from I-95 and must be requested individually by speaking "I-195" or "I-295".

  • REPEAT INFORMATION: To repeat a report, say "go back" or "repeat that."
  • SKIP THE INTRODUCTION: When you hear the 511 introduction, say the name of any city to get a summary of urgent reports in that area.

    • You also don't need to wait for a report to finish. You may interrupt reports at any time by saying "menu" or the name of another city or route.

  • WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK: Your feedback on this service is important. When you're done with your call, you can say "goodbye" or press *** to leave your comments. If you don't wish to leave a comment you may simply hangup when you are done.

    • When leaving your comment begin speaking right away, the recording starts immediately.

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