Traffic Camera Center  
Traffic Camera Center Help
A concerted effort is made to develop this advanced functionality for use with all browsers and platforms. However, not all browsers may support the display of the traffic cameras. Email the TMC here to report any problems.

The information below describes the system requirements to view the traffic cameras and use the customization tool. We hope you enjoy these new features.

Enable browser "cookies"
In order to use the fully-functioning Traffic Camera Center page and to utilize the "My TMC Cams" custom selection, "cookies" need to be enabled (Cookies save/"remember" your personal settings for your future website visits). If your browser is set with a high-level of security, the use of cookies may be disabled. Consult your browser's Help menu for more information on cookies and security settings.

Setting your custom camera selection (My TMC Cams)
To use the "My TMC Cams" customization tool, from the Traffic Camera Center WebPage, click the "Customize Cams" button.

From the camera list, select the cameras to save as your custom "My TMC Cams" selection by clicking the checkboxes.

Click the "Save" button to return to the camera view page. After saving your selections, the "My TMC Cams" View becomes your default view when returning to the Traffic Camera Center.

Traffic Camera FAQs
For answers to frequently asked questions about the traffic cameras and other aspects of the TMC's ITS and RhodeWAYS programs, please review the RhodeWAYS FAQ WebPages.

Recommended Browsers
Mac (latest versions preferred): Safari (1.3), Firefox (1.0), Netscape (7.2)
PC (latest versions preferred): Internet Explorer (5.0), Firefox (1.0), Netscape (7.1), Opera (8)